ARTERIA - digital heating grids

We are building the digital infrastructure for the heating grids of tomorrow. We unlock new business cases for grid operators from a variety of use cases such as demand response, savings contracting or smart tarifs.

Customer Benchmark

Customer benchmark automatically evaluates the heat consumers behavior and provides concrete suggestions for demand response, renovation or energy efficiency measures.

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Sales Support

Sales support precisely specifies cost-effective areas of network expansion or intensification while preventing unnessecary investments in additional generation capacity.

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Spatial Heat Planner (SHP)

The SHP helps communities attract residential and business settlement through information on green heat potential achieving climate neutrality and exploitation of local resources.

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Arteria creates a digital twin of the heating grid and calculates the true cost of heat at every point in the network in real-time.

Physics at it’s core.

Arteria’s technology uses a unique thermo-hydraulic solver which dynamically models all network physics in sufficient detail. Equipped with know-how from years of resarch activity, it simulates grid operation in real-time no matter the size or complexity of the grid outperforming previous approaches.

Focus on Exergy.

Arteria applies exergy costing to evaluate the true cost of generation and therefore the cost of service of heat to every end-user connected to the grid. This allows to go beyond conventional temperature optimization and optimizes grid operations based on the most fundamental criteria: Exergy.

Full Transparency.

Arteria overcomes the problem of assigning total network losses to all heat users equally, regardless of their individual contribution. With Arteria, the true cost of service of every single end-user is quantified. This paths the way for new business cases such as demand response or dynamic tariffs.

Hybrid Engine.

The best of both worlds: Arteria combines thermodynamic modelling and machine learning algorithmes to improve the simulation engine. This allows to leverage the Big Data generated during operation and delivers continuously improved data-driven services to grid operators.

White Paper

White Paper

by Dr. Stefano Coss

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